DelfiC3 Update

DelfiC3 Provisional launch date April 21st

Greetings from the clean room at Sriharikota!

The Delfi-C3 checkout team has safely arrived at the launch site in India, and we are currently performing all checks on the spacecraft.

So far, everything goes as planned and we have found no problems. Unfortunately, photography is not allowed on the base so you'll have to use your imagination for now. Meanwhile, we will try to keep you updated by posting text-only blog entries.

At this very moment, the team is building up the satellite into launch configuration, which means attaching the solar panels, the wireless sun sensors, and applying the final pieces of thermal tape and locking glue. All major health checks have been successfully completed up to this point so we know the spacecraft is in good health.

The linear transponder was tested for the last time before launch, and it worked just fine.

* Primary telemetry downlink: 145.870 MHz 1200 Baud BPSK AX.25 400mW
* Backup telemetry downlink: 145.930 MHz 1200 Baud BPSK AX.25 400mW
* Linear transponder passband downlink: 145.880 - 145.920 MHz (inverting) 400mW PEP
* Linear transponder passband uplink: 435.570 - 435.530 MHz
* Transponder mode beacon: 145.870 MHz CW (10dB below transponder PEP)

Monitor for updates!

[ANS thanks Wouter Jan Ubbels VU/PE4WJ for the above information]

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