Uniden BCD-396T and BCD-996T Firmware Update

On April 10th, Uniden has release version firmware update.

The biggest enhancements were to the scanner's performance on all types of P25 systems, but especially "multipacket" systems like the Virginia STARS system, all manner of mixed digital/analog systems, and EDACS systems and their pesky beeps. The release notes for each update provide more complete details of what was fixed.

Of course, the first part of the update is just for "housekeeping" and lets us issue secured updates. Security is not really important on this particular revision, but testing it now allows them to look at making additional features available in the future that they wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

Also be advised that you must download and install the v1.20.13 ESN Loader update prior to applying this update. You will also have to register and update the ESN information before you are permitted to download the version 2 update.

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