AO-16 Operations Update

The AO-16 satellite has undergone a few periods of turning off with subsequent restarts ensuring operation for varying periods of time.

Mark, N8MH, Control Operator turned AO-16 ON in voice mode to suppot a Scouting Special Events Station. The output power was reduced slightly in an attempt to conserve power in the event that batteries or the solar cells were having problems.

George, KA3HSW, operating from the Scouting Event wrote, "Many thanks to Mark for making AO-16 available during the K9BSA Scout-O-Rama demonstration yesterday, and MANY, MANY thanks for "advertising" that our station was there on the 1950Z pass... we worked quite a number of stations, thanks in large part to Mark's announcement on the bird."

In response to observing stations around the world reporting AO-16 was turned off again Mark provided the latest information, "AO-16 continues to exhibit difficulty in keeping the transmitter turned ON. The last few days I have turned it ON as my schedule permits, only to see it turn itself OFF after a short time (sometimes minutes, other times a few hours). So, it hasn't been turned ON much over the last several days. It is looking less likely to be a power budget issue, and more likely that there is something going on with the hardware in the spacecraft; but this is still speculation. Time will tell. I wish the news was better!"

If you hear AO-16 in voice mode, free to use it. If you hear it "hummmming" in digital mode, please do not transmit to the satellite.

AO-16 Uplink: 145.920 MHz FM
AO-16 Downlink: 437.0260 MHz DSB (LSB and USB)

[SB SAT @ AMSAT $ANS-138.04]

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