• New LDOC Station at Guam

    For the SWL's...

    According to the September FLIP Supplement, ARINC has established a new ground station for long distance voice communication (LDOC) at the Island of Guam. Frequencies (in kHz) are:


    Two of these frequencies are former Hong Kong based "Dragon-Aeradio" frequencies.

  • Sputnik 50th Anniversary

    AMSAT-NA will mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Sputnik with a special event on AO-51. AO-51 will rebroadcast original Sputnik telemetry and a congratulatory message to mark the event during passes over North America on the evening of Wednesday, October 3rd in North America, which is early October 4th UTC.

    At this time, only the passes over North America will be able to carry the special event. Please watch ANS and the amsat-bb mailing list for further information as the date approaches.

  • Howie VE3TYQ SK

    "Today, and with no warning our beloved Howie passed away. It was impossible for any of us to harbor bad feelings toward Howie since he was the sparkplug of so many activities."

    "Alternately moody and enthusiastic, he loved radio in a way most of us never experience. His diabetes sometimes pulled his moods down but he always surfaced later as enthusiastic as ever. We will miss his tireless energy. He showed us, by living it, the very best of ham attitudes and curiosity about radio. His determination led to many QSO's from his apartment under conditions we would have considered hopeless."

    "Every one of us will have special memories of him. Savour the memories."

    From North Shore Amateur Radio Club President Peter - VA3PWH

  • Keep Alert for "Solid Curtain"

    During the week of Sept. 17-20, 2007, all Naval bases and installations in the continental U. S. will be participating in the CFFC-directed and sponsored Exercise Solid Curtain 2007.

    Solid Curtain 2007 has been developed to enhance the training and readiness of Naval security personnel and is a regularly scheduled exercise. It is not in response to any specific threat.

  • Weather Radio Recalls

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Oregon Scientific Inc., has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 66,000 weather radio receivers distributed by Oregon Scientific. This, after it was been determined that these radios could fail to receive National Weather Service alert signals in certain areas of the country.
  • Air Force Receives First Phase II CF-18

    As part of Air Force transformation, the Air Force has received its first Phase II modernized CF-18 fighter jet. The industry partners involved in both phases of the CF-18 modernization, The Boeing Company and L-3 Communications MAS Inc., delivered the aircraft on August 20 at a ceremony in Montreal.

    Phase II of the CF-18 modernization program adds a data link system, a helmet-mounted sight system, new color cockpit displays and a new chaff and flare dispensing electronic warfare system to 79 CF-18 Hornets.

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