Cessna to Finger Reckless Drivers for OPP

Starting today, the OPP has a new eye in the sky to spot speeders and aggressive drivers for officers on the ground.

The new, single-engine Cessna Turbo 206H was unveiled yesterday at Buttonville airport, with OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino saying accident-prone stretches of Highway 400 are a natural target.

"That's a good place to start."

OPPPolice are painting markers on highways so the plane, crewed by a pilot and a spotter, can time speeders and watch for dangerous drivers tailgating or weaving, creating the hazards that cause too many fatal accidents.

Details will be radioed to officers patrolling in cruisers who will stop offending motorists.

"We've all seen how dangerous drivers hit the brakes when they see a police vehicle," said Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Well, they won't get away with that, when this vehicle is on patrol," he said, standing by the four-seater plane. "By the time they see the cruiser, they've already been caught."

Markers have so far been painted on Highway 400 between highways 88 and 89 and on Highway 69 between Parry Sound and Sudbury.

Note from ScanDesk:  The OPP Cessna has been monitored on SIM11 and more than likely will remain on SIM11 to co-ordinate with ground units.  Cheack out my GMCP/Fleetnet page for more OPP talkgroup information.

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